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Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Quad Sensor Bluetooth Carbon Core Watch - GG-B100-1A3

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This is a model from the G-Shock Mudmaster Series, designed for use in extreme environments scattered with rubble, dirt and debris, and uses carbon materials.

The use of high rigidity carbon on the case keeps damage and deformation at bay, and ensures a high level of airtightness and shock resistance. This model also features a filter that protects against the invasion of mud, a stainless steel panel back, and a back cover made of shock-resistant fine resin embedded with glass fibers, giving it a high level of resistance to dust and mud. The bezel also uses three layers of fine resin with carbon fiber inserts and is designed to resemble a portable gasoline can that could be found on off-road vehicles.

Function-wise, this model comes with compass, altimeter/barometer, temperature reader and pedometer. In addition to being able to easily correct the time using the dedicated G-Shock app, there are lots of other useful features including the Mission Log feature, which automatically records in the app altitude data obtained from the watch and route data obtained by your smartphone.

This is a toughness watch that supports you in taking quick decisions and accurate actions.


Case size (L× W× H): 55.4 × 51.3 × 19.4 mm

Weight: 92 g

Case and bezel material: Case / bezel material: Carbon / Resin 

Band: Resin Band

Construction: Shock Resistant/Mud Resistant/Carbon Core Guard structure

Water resistance: 200-meter water resistance

Power supply and battery life: Approx. battery life: 2 years on CR2025